We offer two main options for Reapers. Duty or Premium. Both are handcrafted, both will quicken your reloads. Reapers can affix to molle equipped vests (2×2 slots) or onto a duty belt.

DUTY – Nothing fancy. Great for duty plate carriers/duty belts/rifle rigs/active shooter kits, should comply with most uniform policies.

PREMIUM – Multicam or other special patterns. Extra time and effort to make these beautiful and smooth. Awesome for blinging up your rig. Each is hand crafted and unique, no two Premium Reapers will have the exact same pattern.

CONFIGURATIONS – You have three options for Reaper configuration:

1. Right handed (for shooters who are predominately right handed)

2. Left handed (for shooters who are predominately left handed)

3. Ambidextrous (comes pre-drilled so you can install the included hardware on whichever side you prefer)

Each Reaper is hand made to order, expect approximately 2 weeks lead time. Shipping is a $10 flat fee per order.

If you desire a kydex pattern not featured here, contact us and we’ll get you squared.

In Store Reaper Dealers:

Black Duty Reapers available at ACE Hardware 183 S Moapa Valley Blvd, Overton, NV 89040

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