INSTALL – Before placing your Reaper on your kit, insert a fully loaded magazine. Hold the Reaper in your hand with the bottom of the magazine oriented toward the floor. Raise up the Reaper a few inches then fling it downward and abruptly stop the motion in an attempt to make the magazine fall out of the Reaper, if it does fall out use a screwdriver and tighten the two retention adjustment screws and try again. Repeat the process until the magazine doesn’t fall out, then attach the Reaper to your kit. Use unloaded magazines to test out the position and reload stroke. Only a firm tug should remove your magazine from the Reaper. If you leave your kit stored for a while, periodically check for tightness and adjust accordingly.

USE – Once your Reaper is installed with the proper tension it is ready for reloads.

Observe you need a new magazine in the firearm. Firmly grip the fresh magazine in the Reaper, tug it out as you press the magazine eject button, as your empty magazine falls, insert your fresh magazine, ensure it seats properly, close your bolt, get to work.