The Reaper makes reloading faster, easier and more consistent. No matter what shooting position you find yourself in, the Reaper will give you a faster reload, allowing you to put the bullets where they belong.

Watch the Reaper in action. (16 seconds)

The Reaper is not a “pouch” it is specifically designed to make reloads faster. It features adjustable tension to accommodate all standard AR magazines, Magpul, USGI, Battlemags, Lancer etc.

Appropriate tension secures the magazine without need for annoying bungee straps or velcro flaps.

By orienting the magazines right side up your reload stroke becomes more natural and much less awkward than the typical “chicken wing” with standard mag pouches. The Reaper works with your body, not against it.

Reaper Vs Pouches (18 seconds)

Even tactical reloads are better with the Reaper, it won’t collapse or close when a magazine is removed, making it easier to reinsert a magazine when needed.

The Reaper is handcrafted in the USA by Americans. We care about each Reaper we send out.

When setup correctly, the magazine will only come out of the Reaper with a firm tug. IT WILL NOT FALL OUT!

Reapers don’t fall out! (22 seconds)

At max retention setting, 37lbs were needed to pull the magazine out. Most people don’t need it that tight, if you’re jumping off buildings or out of helicopters you might.

Like all kydex, extreme heat will cause deformations or shape loss. Take care of your kit and it will take care of you.